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Mission: Vacation and Restoration Pt 2. “In Your eyes..”

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There is something about this song. I was listening to music tonight as I was trying to fall asleep on my mobile pandora for blackberry. Even though I heard this song a ton when I was growing up…”In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel, I just heard it differently.  I dont know if it is Sara Barielles rawness or passion that made it sound differently to me, or if I was just in place where I could feel it differently. (You should check out the LYRICS sometime and just read them line by line.) I just felt the Lord speaking to me through this song tonight.  Do you ever feel so lost that you do not know what to pray?  Where to even start?  This first part of...

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Mission: Vacation and Restoration. Time with the Lord. Pt 1.

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Mission: Vacation and Restoration.  Time with the Lord. Pt 1.
p>Ahhh Vacation. Time away. Away from the noisiness of everyday life…the interruptions, distractions, day-to-day stress and a time for true relaxation. As you may know, I have a hard time relaxing.  But as soon as pull down that tree covered highway, see the glistening sun shining off of the lake, I begin to allow the peace wash away worries and true restoration begins. I’m so blessed by this place, a small lake in Michigan with a quaint and cozy cottage, equipped with a ton of charm and memories to fill a lifetime.  This place is owned by my good friend Jessica’s family.  Ever since college, we have been coming up here to enjoy the scenery, enjoy time together...

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