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Video: I wanted to share this amazing clip from the prayer room at IHOP… It’ll make ya come undone ;)

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Ya gotta check out what the Lord is doing…. This video is just fabulous! Our testimony is powerful… What is your testimony? What has Jesus done in your life? GO HERE feel free to read my testimony and share yours below it! E9A22006-FA34-7854-2820-1CED2DB2880C 1.02.28 ...

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Mission: My Facebook Fast and what God taught me.

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p>I broke my fast from facebook today. For 14ish days I took a break from it all. All the status reading. Photo uploading. Status posting. Commenting. Interacting with peeps. And wasting time, filling time and procrastinating with all things Facebook. If you want to know what led me to do the fast CLICK HERE to read my first blog post. There were so many revelations and precious moments in the Lords presence while filling my evenings, awkward silence or car rides seeking Him rather than Facebooking.  Not only did I have more time to spend in the word, worship and prayer but I had such clear focus and loud revelation from God.  You will see some of them unfold in future...

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Day 1. Cold turkey and tears.

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p>(this was auto-posted to twitter and facebook via plugin for wordpress) I feel like I am quitting smoking or something. Cold turkey. Just like that. Cutting something out of my life that I relied on. Relied on it for entertainment, connecting, pass time, fulfillment, outreach, busyness and procrastinating. And today. Nothing. I almost felt lonely.  bored.  anxious. No shakes though ha! And no food cravings! Quitting Facebook affects my routines. (Missed why I quit facebook?  Click Here for the full story) I woke up.  and fought back the routine to login to facebook & twitter. Shower. breakfast. no coffee and facebook. and opened my computer– logged...

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