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A new recipe each week…. challenge for 2012 :)

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A new recipe each week…. challenge for 2012 :)
I’m not a resolution type person, I just kind of go with the flow…But 2011 was full of drastic changes! last year, I did a Daniel Fast with my friends and accidentally fell in love with not eating meat. It now marks 1 year of my acquired herbivore-ness and 3 months of trying to further veganize my diet. (after I had a revelation of my chance of heart disease, current cholesterol metrics and my 30 day experiment that left me feeling alive and whole.) My goal when creating new recipes, is to make it easy, affordable, not weird and veganish enough that most everyone will enjoy it even if they like to eat the meat. So, my goal in 2012 is to share more of these...

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