Who is Melissa?

Here is a snapshot:

The Builder

As a child, it was tinker toys over barbies and lego’s were a girls’ best friend.

From then to now, I have been building things out of nothing but a vision.

Building websites, building marketing strategy and building businesses

continue to make me feel that “work” is actually “play.”


The Artist

When I am not building your website, I am playing with oil pastels, color

and a blank canvas. Also, decorating my home and finding the perfect

piece to fit the theme.  With an eye for color and proportion my hobby helps

choose the best colors, images and layout for your website.


The Marketer

I’ve learned, it’s all about relationships.  Through my training and affinity in (B2B & B2C)

grassroots marketing, branding, internet marketing, social media, affiliate and offline marketing,

I have learned its all about connecting through meaningful relationships while engaging

a targeted audience.    I will help you learn more about this as we work on you project.


The Analyst

It’s all about the numbers.  I can not measure success or failure if there is nothing to measure.

As an athlete, its my batting average, minutes per mile and points per game that keep me moving.

As your web designer, I am creating ways for you to measure websites’ success.


The Writer

I started as a blogger… then a sales letter writer…then a freelance copywriter…and now I can’t stop writing!

I learned how to motivate prospects to buy through written word. I also learned that SEO is a powerful tool

and content is king.  I will help you with your content strategy as well as help you find the best words

to market your brand.   I can teach you how to write relevant content that engages.


The Teacher

My friends call me a know-it-all, but I really do not know everything.  However, what I do know, I share.

I just assume everyone else sames the same penchant for learning as I do. Billy Graham once said,

“We are not cisterns made for hoarding, we are channels meant for sharing.”

As I help you build your website, I will teach you along the way.  I can teach you how to fish, too!