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Mission: Learning how to run… all over again!

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Its amazing what a little bit of education and research can do to your opinion on things.  The light bulb has turned on and my eyes are totally opened!!!! What I have been learning about, coined in the tech running space as “natural running” or “barefoot running” has totally opened my eyes to the deception that goes unnoticed by millions of people. What if I told you your thick soled, “cushioned” “supportive” athletic shoes were the reason your running gait is jacked up.  Thats because your running gait is jacked, so is the musculature involved in the bio-mechanics of your bodys running movement.  And because of that,...

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Golden Voice Homeless Man from Columbus Ohio and his “Other” story….

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Golden Voice Homeless Man from Columbus Ohio and his “Other” story….
p>In 24 hours I and about 5 million people in the WORLD watched this man and his story flood every stream of media. youtube, blogs, facebook, twitter, radio, TV…. everyone was talking about this man with a Golden Voice. When I found his video yesterday morning I instantly placed it on my facebook page.  Then, it had just 35,000 hits.  As I write this, this video below has over 6 MILLION views.   I, like many was touched by his story. A man who had a passion and gift of VOICE.  Tripped and fell into a mess of trouble.  Lifted himself to sobriety and new life. Its the Comeback story that makes our hearts glad.   It made the media go into a frenzy.  Everyone...

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Mission: Preparing for the New Year <3

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Mission:  Preparing for the New Year
p>Just put away the groceries and finishing up some last minute tidying before friends come over tomorrow night and bring in 2011!   Just as everyone may be doing, its great to take a moment to reflect on the past year and look forward to the next. 2010 was probably the most amazing year yet. The highlights: moving new job increased income new friends better relationships better physical health and the best part—  learning to trust the Lord and falling in Love with Him more and more.   This year was about TRUST, HUNGER & HEALING. Remember the game “trust”? It was an ice breaker we used to play.  You would stand with your back to someone, cross...

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the 25th and final winner of the Challenge is ….

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p>Belinda H!!   Thanks to all that have played!   You all were amazing!!   XOXO Melissa

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congrats to winner tonight from ……

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p>NY   Congrats Debi A   yey!   just 2 more days!     thanks and goodnight!

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