Birthday Thanks and Sharing My Adventure…

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I am still in awe… (lots of days past) my Birthday Giving Campaign.

Hugs again to my Mom, Aunt Pat, Cousin Jonathan, Emily, Carly and all those who showered me with good wishes and love.

As if that was not joyous enough…

The day of my birthday my best pal Becca and I set off on a fun road trip to “Florida’s Forgotten Coast

We absolutely loved our time exploring local cuisine,  non-touristy destinations and fishing in St Joe Bay.

In case you are not connected with me in social media land, I wanted to share a bit of my adventure with you!

My Birthday Avoidance Vacation .. the easiest way to turn 30! from Melissa Walters on Vimeo.


Even if you are not able to bury your toes in the sand…. enjoy key lime pie as the sun sets ever  so charismatically in the gulf…or  have the opportunity reel in the joy of catching your first fish….

You can make everyday an adventure…

…its all about taking the time to seek beauty and choosing to be still enough to notice how fascinating this big ole world really is.

Choose adventure over busyness.

Choose fascination over frustration.

Choose to be present.

Make today an adventure <3




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