Can I build you a resume website.. for free …?

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Can I build you a resume website.. for free …?

Hey friends!

I need a favor.  I need to build an example site for one of the products I will offer after my launch of MelissasMission.

I would like to build that for one of my friends :) For Free.



Its easy, but I need you to have a few things done to make this happen.  If there are more than a lot of yall that would like one, I will just pick a name out of a hat…wait, do I own a hat?..

I digress..


Here are the things you need to have before I will say “yes to the dress”


wrong show.

I mean, say yes to building you a free resume website.


1.  You have to have a killer resume already completed and updated. Preferably in a word Doc.

1a. I would hope you already utilize linkedin if you do not… you might as well sign up there too…

1b. I would also hope you already understand the value of having an online resume. Read this and then this to learn more.

2.  You have to own a domain.

3.  Your domain needs to have a hosting plan.


So– you may have step 1 above, completed…and still would like your own website.. but you need #2 & #3.

How fast can you complete that?

10 minutes, tops. seriously.  Expensive? Not really.

>>>>First  go to and buy a domain.  Use code: IAPWD96C  ( I pay maybe $6 a year to own this website..its cheap people!)

(see if your name is available… like  etc…)

>>>>Secondly, you need server space to host this site…(if you have no idea what that means.. basically its like buying a pre-fab home….You have to buy the website: the house  and also buy the land to put it on: the web host.)

(I pay 8$ month for mine… and love the company   You just need a little hatchling plan and they make a special coupon just for me: MelissasMission  for 25% off.  Super cheap, super worth it.



Once you have steps 1-3 Completed above…

Just comment below and let me know you would like a free resume website.   That’s it!

I’ll contact you to get started if you are selected!

what do they look like you ask?  Sample


questions? melissa <at> melissasmission  dot com

Thanks for helping a sista out!

Be the Change,




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