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Mission: It’s no secret that I love Jesus– its who I am and I want you to know him too. He is the living water.

Yey! You get to give the gift of Shape Ups to your sister……

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Congrats to Stacey T. from Ohio! Let your sister know she will be getting a late Christmas gift from you “My sister hasn’t had a good pair of shoes in about 3 years, so I would give them to her! I’m tired of seeing her in those torn up Nikes! I belive she would like the resistance runners in Navy/silver and she’s a size 7.5″ Stacy T. Thanks all for sharing and there 5 more days left to win!!! XoXo <3 Melissa

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congratulations to the day 19 winner…

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p>Thanks for entering today’s challenge! The winner is… .. .. . . Brad S. from Ohio Congrats and make sure check to you email! tomorrow is a special “Giving”  challenge.  yeahhhh can’t wait!! – goodnight yall!

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Winner for Day 18 is…

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p>Sorry for the delay! I just got to PA, getting ready for an early morning meeting at a Shoe Carnival!  We will be beginning a Shape Up Weight Loss Challenge for the Staff with a partnership from Anytime Fitness So excited for them! Thanks for those who submitted today! The winner tonight is.. Jen L from, ummm not sure.  Somewhere warmer than Ohio I believe Since you couldn’t find the Tone Ups at Kohls, I will be sure to get your very own! Congrats! Tomorrow is an easy challenge;) Goodnight!

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The winner for day 17 is:

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p>Wow!  Your stories were amazing. All I can say is thank you for sharing!  You are all so amazing. I hope, even if you don’t win during this contest, that you are able to begin moving towards those goals.  I know you can do it! If I can do it.  You can for sure. I have struggled with lower back pain, weight, my body size and arthritis in my knees. These shoes have helped my posture, eliminating most back pain. I have lost 25 pounds. My knees feel ok when running in SRRs opposed to not being able to run at all. And just today, I was able to find a pair of high boots to zip over my incredibly obnoxious cankles– wait where did they go?  I cant believe my...

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The winner for Day 14 is…

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p>Congrats .. Paige K,  from Ohio ! You have won! Thanks everyone for entering today! If you haven’t already, head over to famous footwear-mind body sole website and enter to win a 4 day 3 night getaway! http://mindbodysoleshoes.com/canyonranch

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Day 13 winner, wins Shape Up SRT’s and everyone can learn how to enter the Famous Footwear Vacation Sweepstakes!! Check this out!

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p>The SRT’s were a big hit today @ Fitness Solution 24/7 in Lima, Oh! Members worked out in them and burned extra calories lifting, taking classes and doing cardio. Thanks for loving on Famous Footwear’s page today!  Please note, that when doing Challenges regarding liking other pages, please DO NOT write on their walls that I sent you.  It is not necessary and it clogs up their wall.  Thanks so much! Famous Footwear is such an excellent retailer of Shape Ups.  Did you know most of them even have a MIND BODY SOLE area of thier store dedicated to all things “toning” ??? They carry all sorts of Shape Ups–  They carry our non-slip work line...

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