Mission: Get Inspired

Mission: It’s no secret that I love Jesus– its who I am and I want you to know him too. He is the living water.

The winner for Day 12 is…

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How amazing are those stories? Wow!  I am so humbled and my heart is so glad for you all. Tonight’s winner is Dasha D. Her story: “We were headed out to see the new Harry Potter movie, me and my husband, we decided to stop for dinner, while sitting in the restaurant we noticed our waitress was very very pregnant (guessing about 7/8 months along) and over heard she was working on her double shift .. so as we were paying our bill we added an extra $20 and told her to keep the change .. made her eyes just light up!” Thanks everyone for their heart warming stories!!

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Day 11 Winnnnnnnner………..

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p>Sorry For the Delay All! With only 6 submissions… Random.org picked lucky number 4! Congrats Melody L Thanks for playing!! —

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Day 10 Winner…

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Day 10 Winner…
p>Congrats! The winner gets my favvv shoes tonight! These SRR’s are the most comfortable running shoes I have ever owned. Leslie P  from FloRida Is the winner !! woot woot!

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And the Day 8, testimonial challenge winner is….

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p>Before I announce the winner, I just have to stop and say “WOW!” I am so honored to support and tell the world about this amazing product. Those testimonials are outstanding! No to less pain, weight lost, more comfortable working, losing inches… wow, I am so pumped to hear about those results! And tonight… the winner…about to make her own testimonial is….. crystal t.  from GA. She shared: “My mother-in-law bought a pair a while back. She had hip replacement surgery and the Dr. told her to get a pair, so she did. She said it took a little to get used to them but now she loves them and how its making her hip heal stronger. Now...

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And the winner for Day 6, Lady Foot Locker Challenge is…

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p>Congrats go to : Deanne H. I will email you with details! She is winning her favorite style from the Lady Foot Locker Challenge : http://www.ladyfootlocker.com/ <—-Click Here to see what she won!

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Mission: My shortest blog ever…

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p>It’s so simple tonight. Not a lot of words to share, but a powerful revelation of His heart. The Lord stirred up my heart tonight. Shook me. Broke me. My only desire God. Is to give you my whole life. Not just the parts that I want to. I bring you a sacrifice. Of these dreams that I hold on to. I desire Your fullness. Amennnnnn and amen.

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