Mission: Get Marketing

Mission: To help you spend less time working and more time living with these easy tips to market yourself, your services/product or your company.

Mission: Win a Online Freelance Bid “2 tricks to winning my first freelance bid!”

Posted by on Jul 13, 2009 in Mission: Get Marketing | 4 comments

Previously I asked for help in trying to win my first freelancing gig using the popular sites elance.com and guru.com.  Though I have yet to receive feedback for those sites, I have been instructed to use rentacoder.com. I really like this site so far.  It has many more opportunities than I thought they would have. I have been placing bids, and at times feeling like I am selling myself short in an effort to just win a stinkin’ bid!  Not a good strategy! whats a girl got to do? So I researched what others have done to win and found a few tips and tricks that I will be using this week to win my first freelancing job!!! 1. I will ask questions and get the full...

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Mission: I Need Help With Elance “I dislike elance.com! this is my rant! can you help me?”

Posted by on Jul 6, 2009 in Mission: Get Marketing | 3 comments

p>My name is Melissa...and this is my first mission.. MISSION #1. Get WIN a freelancing bid on elance.com or guru.com can you help me complete my mission??

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