Challenging day = desire to eat crap … why?

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Challenging day = desire to eat crap … why?

It was a super rough day yesterday.

I would call it challenging rather.   (I have no place to call it rough– my stresses are still positive and a blessing, just over-committed and disorganized, nothing that can not be changed :)

I feel too blessed to put a negative spin on it– but it was a challenge. Do you have those days where you feel overwhelmed? I totally did.

I felt not only overwhelmed by my commitments but also felt resentful. (To whom or what I am unsure, but I am pretty sure I felt all kinds of resentment! yuk!)

So after this challenging day, all I could think of doing is straying from my clean eating, vegan lifestyle and killing some fried food!

Isn’t that strange?  Why do we feel the need to be self destructive when we are down?  Such a  crazy reflex I have!  (though i am sure I am not alone)


So, I visited a friend at a pub last night where there was a small gathering and decided, well, I have not eaten much all day, and I feel yuky on the inside, so I am going to feed it with yuky food.


“Yes waitress, (at 9pm, mind you)  can I have an ice water and some fried pickles”

They were delicious, I killed the whole basket, burnt the S%&* out of my mouth, but they were awesome.


This morningwhen I woke up I felt like S%&*.

My body began rejecting that “food” with all kinds of nastiness I will not describe for the sake of our relationship….but


the point is—>

1. yey! my body is rejecting garbage and loving the healthy stuff.

2. boo! that my mind still thinks S%&* food will ease my mental friction

3.  ugh!  so much more work and prayer to do to help get over this “reflex” relationship with garbage food.


Do you deal with this at some level?

Using food (choices or quantity) to drown out the friction of the day?


Let’s share:  Tell me what your triggers are, what your “reflex” is and what you are doing to grow out of this!!





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