It’s cold again… Mother Nature- a tease or a reminder?

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It’s cold again… Mother Nature- a tease or a reminder?

So many woke up today not excited about what was going on outside.

It’s cold again. “Dang you Mother Nature, You tease…” (taken from someones facebook status this morning).

Here in Ohio we are expecting ice and snow today and tomorrow. Temperatures are back down to freezing and we are reminded that it is Winter still.

This past week we have been refreshed with a day of 65 degrees, 60 degrees and a 43 degree day full of sunshine and promise. Something about this brief reprieve of cold temperatures, motivates people to do more, think more about the desires of their heart, get more done and become a little more alive! But now that it is over, and its back to winter temps, we get to choose how we see this little heat wave…. a “blessing” or a “tease”?  We get to look forward too and choose, ” ugh more winter”…. or “Yey, its almost Spring!”

This week I saw a lot of desires of my heart come to fruition, I also saw this as a very profound week of changes, revelation and motivation. I got to run outside multiple times and felt like I could breathe again! I awoke from a 2.5 year of man- hibernation (dating fast) and actually went out and had a great time (haha after much anxiety). I pushed myself through a running/focus block and pushed through the fastest 5 mile run I have had in 4 years. I made awesome business connections that will be such amazing relationships. I lost another 5 pounds and hit the “half-way mark” on my weight loss journey. I sorted through my shoe collection and now have 50+ pairs to donate (if you know me… big feat!!).  Found a new Church to check out. and so much more!

This little heat wave really helped propel me into my most favorite week of this year so far. It invigorated me to take a look at the desires of my heart. Do some “Spring Cleaning” in my own life. Reminded about a parable in Luke…where am I putting my treasures? Where is my focus, time & money being spent? Is it lining up with the desires if the Lord’s heart or is it fulfilling the desires of my flesh? Am I being a good steward? This week was a dreamy-sparkly week for me. Lots of revelation.

So I ask myself, sipping on my 3rd cup of coffee, peering out in the cold frozen brown grass in the back yard…. “why isn’t every week like this? ”

Yes the temperatures and beautiful weather came and went. Yes lots of great favor and blessings fell into my lap. The warm weather was a nice little kiss from God, reminding me that He loves me enough to give me the desires of my heart. As the weather turns back to cold, my heart smiles and is filled with a new refreshing of love. I asked the Lord to fill me with the desires of heart. The desires He has for my life and the desires He has to work through me. No matter how cold/warm it is outside I want to be a good steward and my treasures to be found in Him, not my busyness or fears.  I want to live out my days… not frozen in my narrow focus of my career… but warm and flexible to to all that I am called to do.

Thank you God for this momentary warmness. Thawing out my heart for change. Bringing in the sunshine to cast out the clouds of fear, doubt and anxiety. For bringing the reminder of what’s to come. A promise that You have started, that Spring is coming, and Jesus is coming back, and that You are faithful to complete what You alone have began.

No teasing going on here my friends… just reminder that God is still God… and God is still good.

Amen to Spring.
Amen to Changes.
Amen to the Love of a Father.


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  1. Darlin’–you can be a writer…of books ! I need to check out your blog more often !!! If you saved your daily writings and placed them in a book…awesome !

  2. awwww thanks!! I bet Grandma would like it too <3 Love and miss you!