Mission: Don’t Be a TWIT! “Dear twitters, your auto Direct Messages are weak and I will unfollow you! Don’t do this…”

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Mission: Don’t Be a TWIT!  “Dear twitters, your auto Direct Messages are weak and I will unfollow you! Don’t do this…”

Whoo thats a harsh title and

its not all that serious….

but it does annoy me a bit…enough to write about at least..let me help ya’ll out a bit…

Is auto-follow and auto DM’s the right thing to do anyway?

??? Not the space for this debate…!!!

So for those of you that do auto follow

and DO AUTO Direct Message…

Here are some pointers so you do not get UNFOLLOWED and tick off your new followerrs!

Many of you fellow twitter users use tweetlater.com or some other tool to do your auto-following and auto-DMing (is that a word?  it is now!)

And what you place as your auto message should not be taken lightly.

It can be what makes or breaks your twitter success.

What if I met you at the coffee shop and in the same breath you said “hello” you asked me to give you my information or worse yet, ask me to buy whatever you are selling,….grrr… I may tell you to go fly a kite….

a metal kite…

in a torrential thunderstorm…

wearing a metal suit…

NO I wouldn’t say that…but seriously though…who does that?

-if you wouldnt do it in person why do you think its ok to do in twitterland?

Just because you are  hiding behind your computer screen and we are not face-to-face doesnt mean you can bypass the system of relationship building…

Which is the essence of social media DUH!

If your goal isnt to build a relationship, then you are wasting your ever-loving-time!

If you want people to follow you, who somewhat care about who you are and give a crap to read your tweets than you might want to follow some of my tips…

What not to do…

1.  Do not just say “hi” “I will follow you back too”

BLah ha..who cares?  How are you going to add value to my business or life? Why should I want to know you?  Is that all the wit, charm and creativity you have? later suckas consider yourself unfollowed

2.  Do not give me a link to go opt-in for some free gift/stuff just because I am following you.

we are all smart marketers and you are not giving me a “gift” just because…you are trying to get me on your list.  If you provide me with valuable info with your tweets I will go find you and then I’ll opt-in on my own.  Do this and consider yourself unfollowed.

3.  Do not try get me to join your stinkin MLM or pitch me to buy something from you in your auto-DM.

seriously people…are we socially inept?  would you do this in real life?  If not dont do it here.  If you can’t say something real in a auto DM that really demonstrates your effort to give, your personality and your attitude to serve…. than don’t do it at all.

Dont’ get me wrong, Im not a twitter guru yet, I dont have it ALL figured out and my DM is not perfect but it is real and it is from my heart.  It comes with no strings and pressure to connect furthur at that moment.  I respectfully earn the right to talk about the things that matter to me and get to bless folks in the process.

Here is what you can do..

  1. Make it from your heart
  2. Make it about them
  3. Bless their life in some way
  4. Be REAL, fakers need not follow back.

I learn a ton of other stuff like this from others who know what they are doing with social media….Like, my friend Perry Belcher who has it ALL figured out…has over 130,000+ people following him and out of that… 58,000 are now on his personal list email.  58,000 folks he made a relationship with and he now has their undivided attention.  He has some free training available if you want to be a successful social media person too or if you just want some better twitter training.    Here is the FREE TRAINING (you will have to opt-in to get his goods, but he has great training so its not a big deal)

What is the worse auto DM you have ever received??  Leave it in a comment!

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