DIY or Buy: Hippie Headbands

Posted by on May 4, 2011 in Mission: Get Inspired | 2 comments

DIY or Buy:  Hippie Headbands

Yes, I love wearing these.

They keep my hair from getting in my eyes and look fun :)


My friend Becca says I look like a hippie.. but I think they are just as much functional as they are fun!


So here is the DIY for you craftinistas….

Or BUY..

Here is a cute $3 headband w/ $1.50 shipping!

I love it because she upcycles to!  Green Accessories!  Yeay!

Check this out on etsy !



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  1. Yeah! Thanks for posting this wonderful video on how to improvise or make your own hippie headband. Well, it is better if you will make you own because you will be able to design it accordingly. Thanks for giving such information to all the readers out there. It is also better if you will post more sale items for the readers to buy if they do not have time to make their own.

  2. Hey, Melissa!

    I just found this post and I’m so excited to see it! That’s my headband at the bottom there. Thanks for sharing it!