Find or Post Freelance jobs, Contract work using these 11 websites.

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Find or Post Freelance jobs, Contract work using these 11 websites.

Are you an independent contractor or freelancer looking for work?

A small business owner or entrepreneur that needs to outsource some work so that you can spend time doing the things that will grow your business?


There are a few sites I use to search for jobs and bid on them, I thought I would pass them along for you!


While signing up for each service, make sure to visit their help area to learn how to market yourself best by filling out your profile and listing your work history.


If you are listing or posting contract or freelance work make sure to be as specific as possible of who/what you are looking for.


Here is the list:












If you are an independent contractor, I recommend checking out IAI, I am Independent, for. help with your “back office” duties..

American workforce is evolving from what it used to be. More traditional employees are finding that they have no choice but to become an independent consultant due to the volatility in today’s economic environment. This leads to an increase in ‘back office’ responsibilities which can take up most of a contractor’s day, and also an increase in professional and financial risk. The only way an independent contractor can mitigate these risks and also reduce the time spent on time consuming ‘back office’ work is by becoming a member of iamindependentSM

Benefits include:

  • Invoicing & Collection
  • Workman’s Compensation
  • Payrolling and Direct Deposit
  • Health Insurance
  • Immediate reimbursement on business expenses
  • Retirement plan 401(k)
  • Professional Insurances – Errors and Omissions (E&O) and Liability insurances
  • Unemployment Compensation

Check out IAI today :)

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