Flat Tires, The Lake and The Lord…

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Flat Tires, The Lake and The Lord…


I wanted to share a little story about something that happened to me at the lake this weekend.
It was hot, over 100 degrees.. HOT…and we were ready to enjoy a day of boating with family and friends to cool off. We pull into the marina to put the boat in the water, and while prepping the boat & waiting in line to unload, we hear the disappointing hissing of a tire, dying under the heat and pressure of the boat trailer. Great…the day ends before it begins…
As I feel my dad’s blood pressure begin to rise as high as the searing sun pounding down on us, I begin to pray. Pray that it can be fixed, that my family would stay calm (we like to freak out) and that we would be in the water in no time. As one solution fails over another, and the bolts on the flat tire seem to now be too round to ever get off… dad throws the wrench-thing to the ground in a frustrating manor of surrender…
So I pray more. I pray for help. Just then a man comes off the water with his wife, who is a mechanic with the proper tools in his truck. Praise the Lord! His help brings all but one of the bolts off. As the rounded out, stripped out, final bolt, mocks our attempts to free the pooped out tire, I pray more furiously. The Lord responds: tanning oil. “Tanning Oil? “ I say out loud in uncertainty. My brother hops to his feet, nabs the oil and sprays the bolt.

The bolt is freed. The spare is placed on the trailer.

Blood pressures return to normal. The boat is in the water and we are off.

I giggled in my spirit the remainder of the day. Amazed that:
a. God really listens to me
b. He cares about silly things like stripped out bolts and my parents blood pressure
c. That the power of prayer is absolutely needed and necessary in every situation in life—big or small
d. Tanning Oil… really Lord, I want to hear Your voice and you speak to me about tanning oil? Haha, I wish I could take the credit, but it’s all Yours. I also with I could draw the parallel between anointing oil and this… but I would totally lose everyone…
e. If I can boldly pray for things like this in my life, what can happen when I pray boldly for things I desire most but do not pray enough about… hmmm

It just fired me up.
Fired me up that He still listens, He still cares and He is still near.
Pray boldly for the desires of your heart.
Big or small.
He listens.
He cares.
He is near.

“You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness; therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy” Heb 1:9

In His Joy,

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  1. great story and it happened JUST like that!!!!!! awesome as always!!!!!