Golden Voice Homeless Man from Columbus Ohio and his “Other” story….

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Golden Voice Homeless Man from Columbus Ohio and his “Other” story….

In 24 hours I and about 5 million people in the WORLD watched this man and his story flood every stream of media.

youtube, blogs, facebook, twitter, radio, TV…. everyone was talking about this man with a Golden Voice.

When I found his video yesterday morning I instantly placed it on my facebook page.  Then, it had just 35,000 hits.  As I write this, this video below has over 6 MILLION views.


I, like many was touched by his story.

A man who had a passion and gift of VOICE.  Tripped and fell into a mess of trouble.  Lifted himself to sobriety and new life.

Its the Comeback story that makes our hearts glad.


It made the media go into a frenzy.  Everyone wanted a piece of the man with a Golden Voice.

WNCI in Columbus Ohio was the first to get an interview.  Ted Williams, Mr Golden Voice, came to their studio early this morning, fresh with a new haircut, cleanly shaven and full of astonishment of everything that was taking place.  ( you can listen to the radio interview below.)


During the interview, NBC News Station 4 in Columbus, Ohio wiggled their way in for a piece of this story.  During this interview, what I was excited to hear was Ted’s “other story.”


He told NBC 4 reporters about his life as a flourishing radio personality.  He had it all.

Great Ratings.  Back Stage Passes and all the perks of the job.  But he said he wasn’t thankful and never thanked God for any of those blessings.


He began to quote scripture from JOB. Stating that through his life, He felt a lot like Job, faithful, a lot of testing but God never let Satan take his life.

{Satan declared war on Job, trying to prove that he was only faithful to God because God had blessed him.  God allowed Satan to test Job’s faith, but He stopped him at the point of taking Job’s life (Job 1:12).  The spiritual depth of Job shows throughout his writings. He understood that man’s days are ordained (numbered), and they cannot be changed (Job 14:5). Job described the experience of salvation as one in which men, destined to eternity in “the pit,” are ransomed and redeemed by a gracious God who shines His light on them (Job 33:23-30).}

I am most happy that He has the peace to know that through his happy times, through his struggles and even in his future that the Lord was/is/and will be with him.


Through a lot of testing of Faith.  Ted Williams says he  is so grateful for these “blessings” and opportunities.  He credits the Lord for making this amazing thing happen.

I pray that the Spirit of Lord continues to show Ted Williams favor.  That Ted’s Golden Voice will be used for HIS glory.  I pray for protection over this man.  I pray that you, reading this blog post, will know, that no matter wherever you are in life, home or homeless, job or jobless,  in love or alone, in sin or in pain that the Lord Your God has a comeback story for you.  You just have to ask Him into your heart and into your life.  I pray blessings and freedom yo you in Jesus name. amen <3





Below is the Radio Interview he did with WNCI this morning.

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1 Comment

  1. This is a story that just has God written all over it.

    His story reminds me of the scripture in Psalm 33 starting from verse
    13 but especially verse 18 and 19. But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love, 19 to deliver them from death and keep them alive in famine.

    He obviously delighted himself in God so now he is riding upon high places of the earth according to Isaiah 58: 14. And finally it baffles the regular wisdom of man how a man can rise from absolute obscurity to global prominence in less that 24 hrs. Again God using the foolishness of this world to confound the ‘wise’. 1 Corinthians 3:19

    This is a story that proves the unfailing, matchless, unbroken love of God and infinite mercy to us as His creation even when we think we’re down and out. It gladdens my heart to know that He chose me as one to experience the privilege to know HIM.

    To anyone who is reading this, we have found THE LOVE THAT NEVER FAILS and it’s found in a relationship with God.

    Thank you Melissa for this platform. God bless you.


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