Help Me Turn 30!! 5 big birthday wishes…. will you help?

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Help Me Turn 30!!  5 big birthday wishes…. will you help?

Turning 30 could be really daunting for some people…

but I refuse to let it get me down!

To keep my focus averted from botox plans, freezing my eggs and mail-order husbands… I conspired this little plan to keep the focus on what really matters…

Legacy.  Serving.  Loving.

I have had it pretty good for 30 years….and I want to continue to live a life that serves the very mission of my existence… to leave this Earth a little better than I found it!

If you have the desire to help me celebrate this big ole birthday of mine, could you help make my wishes come true?


Let me know when you  fulfill one of them :)   (so I can send you a big fat hug)


Wish #1.

Donate 30 pairs of flip flops to Flip Flop Around The World

Wish #2.

  Donate 30 canned food items to the Mid Ohio Foodbank

Wish #3.

Give what you can to Lima-Allen County Young Life

>thank you Momma!

Wish #4.

Give $30 to one of the coalition members to help end modern day slavery End:It Movement

>thank you Carly!

Wish #5.

Give what you can to help me meet my Charity:Water campaign of $600.

$600 provides clean water for 30 people!

> big thanks to Emily!

>Thanks Momma!


I thank you for being a part of my life, and through this celebration, giving life to others :)




 ”And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!” – Matthew 25:40

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  1. I can do # 3, help with #5. Let me know where to send. :-) Love you !!!

  2. you are amazing my dear daughter!!! you are much wiser than your years!!! im on board. love you!!~

  3. Aww thanks momma! Love you!

  4. just did donation to Young Life for Lima!~~good luck on the others hon!~~~

  5. thank you for giving to YL & Charity Water!! Love you!


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