Mission: I Need Help With Elance “I dislike elance.com! this is my rant! can you help me?”

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My name is Melissa…and this is my first mission..

(…in case you missed it, or just stumpled upon me…I’m on a mission to attain financial, physical and spiritual freedom….and I intend to share my findings and map for anyone else that has a passion to attain the same!! can you help me complete my mission?)

MISSION #1.  Get WIN a freelancing bid on elance.com or guru.com

So here’s the deal…not to toot my own horn..but I have some SWEET marketing skills!

What I suck at it apparently marketing myself!!!  Why is it sooooo hard? :(

I want to make extra money (just like everyone else) doing things I love!

What I love:

Writing of all kinds…creative, technical, content, articles…the list goes on

All E-commerce stuff

Every facet of internet marketing!

long runs on the beach…(oh wait, worng place for that…oops)

So, I have recommmended to use elance.com and guru.com to acquire paying jobs….but I came across a little problem..

NO ONE accepts my bids..

wah wah poor me right?

<insert one streaming tear hear>

But I think my problem is that I dont know the “game.”

So I am reaching out to you, to help me find a way to win my first bid on elance.com.

1. With regards to my profile…

where do I start? what do I need to make sure I do?

2.  I have never been paid, not once, so I have no history…how do I compete over people who are “freelancing professionals?”

3.  What areas of elance.com are “underserved” where can I position myself where others may not (since I have a very broad spectrum of expertise).

Thanks for helping me with my first mission!


1. twitter friend, @leoquinn suggested trying rentacoder.com   so i will try that and let you know how that goes!!

He also told me to check out this new way of making local profits in yout own backyard!…  CLICK HERE to learn more about this!!

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  1. Melissas,
    I have an independent marketing business that helps people with there health and helps you make money helping others. It is a business you can do from home on the internet or by phone. This is not a get quick scam so it will take more than a few internet conversations to describe what we have but it is very rewarding. If you are serious you can call me and set up about a 45 minute to an hour appointment to discuss what we have to offer and the rest is up to you. Our company has been in business for over 20 years and debt free and has over 9 patents and guarantees our products and business.
    Send me an e-mail or call me if this is something that pecks your interest.
    Terry Korfmacher
    E-mail korky2801@new.rr.com

  2. Melissa -

    Browse the Guru.com Resource Library for tips on how to improve your chances of success in the Guru.com marketplace. Also pay close attention to your Quality Score – it can guide you as to where your strengths and weaknesses lie so that you can work on a strategy for long-term improvement.

    Best of luck!
    Communications Specialist at Guru.com.

  3. Thanks Kristen! That helps a ton!