Mission: New Job “You need this to get your next job, its more important than your resume!”

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I know about a gazillion people that are looking for a new job right now.

Some are laid off and some are tired of the crap and ready for a change.

So they ask me “Hey Melissa, can you take a look at my resume?”

I think since they know I am a writer that I automatically know how to write everything. Including resumes and cover letters.

Well, I didn’t.  And had too much pride to tell her otherwise…so I asked around, got resourceful and found something to teach me how to write cover letters correctly and effectively!

When it comes to resumes I dont think they matter as much as the COVER LETTER.

See, the cover letter is the appetizer to the resume.  If you cant market yourself enough to the hiring manager that you deserve another 45 seconds of their time to skim over your resume than it doesn’t matter if your resume said you deal drugs illegally.

See, there is a special formula and a way to make your cover letter rock so that employers want to read every detail of your resume and then pinch themselves to see if you are true…

well not maybe that dramatic….but you get the idea.

I found a cover letter training course online that is really good. (and cheap…40 buckeroos is all it was!!  I split the cost of it with one of my friends)

I wrote a SUPER RAD cover letter for her that won her a ….dum dum dummmmm…

An interview!  wooot!

So this system makes me feel like I am a cover letter queen now!

So you should check it out if you are looking for a jobby job and you are getting ZERO call backs or requests for an interview!  What could it hurt eh? Hiring me to do it is double that cost!

Save money, do it on your own…

Stay away from the starbucks this week,

make your own bean, save 40 bucks and spend this on yourself, its well worth it!!!

Good Luck on your Job search and let me know if you need any help writing!

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