Mission: Burn calories and Shape Up even while eating FAIR FOOD!

Posted by on Aug 6, 2010 in Mission: Get Healthy | 2 comments

Check out this segment from Indy Style TV.

My buddy and co-worker,  Pro Staff Jared Brunner explains what Skecher Shape Ups can do for you even while you are eating higher calorie foods at the Indiana State Fair.

Isn’t he fabulous?

Would you like to know the damage of your favorite fair food?

Comment below of your favorite fair food and I will let you know the average calories and what you would need to do to burn those extra calories off!

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  1. Funnel Cakes…aka fried dough. I don’t care what you say Missy…I’m eating it one time per year…well…3 or four fairs…so 3 or 4 times per year!

  2. Yo…I wrote that before I saw the video where he referenced funnel cakes…feel free to delete!