Mission: My Facebook Fast and what God taught me.

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I broke my fast from facebook today.

For 14ish days I took a break from it all.

All the status reading.

Photo uploading.

Status posting.


Interacting with peeps.

And wasting time, filling time and procrastinating with all things Facebook.

If you want to know what led me to do the fast CLICK HERE to read my first blog post.

There were so many revelations and precious moments in the Lords presence while filling my evenings, awkward silence or car rides seeking Him rather than Facebooking.  Not only did I have more time to spend in the word, worship and prayer but I had such clear focus and loud revelation from God.  You will see some of them unfold in future blog posts as I share what the Lord has shared with me.

Today I wanted to encourage you with just one of the revelations….

So, as you know I am alone and traveling a lot.

With traveling there are times when you have to wait alone.

Alone =meaning me and random strangers.

Wait in a line for food, wait to checkout in a store, wait in a hotel elevator, wait for the crosswalk to change, wait in line for just about everything.

So, sometimes I am uncomfortable with being alone in public.  Everyone would agree its more fun when shopping with a friend, or working out with someone you know and going out to eat with a loved one.

It makes me a little anxious sometimes to always be surrounded by strangers.

Or quite frankly, when I am tired, I just don’t want to interact with people around me so I avoid it.

I usually avoid and deter the loneliness, or anxiety or the tiredness by hopping on facebook mobile and reading updates, commenting or leaving an update.  For some reason it makes time go by faster and makes me feel for that little moment that I am connected and not alone.

Some of you may do the same thing from time to time.  Relying on your phone or something else to keep you preoccupied when you are in public going about your business and you have no one else to chat with.

Have you ever wondered while fidgeting and fumbling in your own solidarity for the sake of avoidance, anxiety, exhaustion or carelessness…..

“What am I missing out on?”

“What is it costing the Kingdom?”

weird and heavy question for a harmless little habit ya think? whew!

Well, I was totally convicted by it.  Shaken from my core.  Embarrassed by my stranger snubbing and just thought “this isn’t in my character to do this?  what the heck is going on?”

Facebook was my “go to” for instant gratification.  instant non-isolation. and a boost for my spirit.  It was easy an accessible.  I quick place to hide my eyes and focus so I didn’t have to interact with that person behind me while I wait for my coffee to be made.

But, by me not being present.

What was it costing?

What was I missing out on?

How did God want to use me to minster to someones life  but I was too busy filling those moments with a bad habit of self seeking entertainment?

It happened again when I was in my hotel this past weekend.

I got in an elevator with lots of people.  Was tired and didnt physically want to chat up anyone in the elevator.  Instantly I opened my phone and started reading news updates on one of my Newspaper Apps.  I had replaced the habit of Facebook with another vice.

Ugh!  Fail!

God tapped me on the shoulder as they all exited the elevator and I was alone again.  “Melissa, why didn’t you share your Joy with them?  Why are you hiding?  You are my bold and loving child.  You touch the hearts of people and stangers because that is the gift I have given you.  So, my beloved, lift your eyes. ….

Lift your eyes and see that hurting person.

Lift your eyes away from those distractions and see them.

and love them.

and talk with them.

and pray for them.

and lead them.

to Me.”


I cried when I got to my room.

How many moments had I missed out on?

Out of my own selfishness, or out of my anxious flesh I had relied on distractions to keep me from a calling.

And that… I will do no more.

My friend, there is a hurting world, I am sure you are well aware.

And the only healing, joy and peace that this world needs can be only provided by the One True Living God.

You never know how God could work through you.

You are in line.

And a strangers smile, can lead to a hello.

and a hello can lead to small talk.

and small talk can lead to dropping of walls.

And the dropping of walls can allow the stirring of the Holy Spirit to press in a boldness for encouragement and possibly salvation.

My Facebook  is not my crutch any longer.

It has a place in my life.  Just not a rock to hide behind from doing work.  God’s work.

And I just choose to be more present in my “spare” time, because its not my time, its His.

So I encourage you to be aware of your surroundings.  The people that surround you in line somewhere.  What would happen if you quieted the storm in your ears and the fumbling of your hands.  Became still and present in the moments…  Lifted your eyes and looked into a strangers eyes..  And smiled. .And said hello… and began a conversation with a Real Live person. What would happen if when you looked into their eyes and God showed you their broken heart.  And He opened the doors to show them His?

Now is the time to wake up.

Shake off the anxiety and depression.

The worry and the self loathing.

Bust out of that shame and walk in Truth.

Be confident in His love for you.

There is work to be done, love to share and souls to save.

And God can’t use us if we choose to hide in our gadgets, behind our computers and stay in our own little neat and safe worlds.

Make a connection with a stranger today and see what God does with that moment ;)

Be blessed and encouraged my friends!

love yall!


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  1. Wow! Very eloquent and profound revelations. You are spot on and I thank you for putting yourinsights into words.

  2. I have encountered the One I was created for. This encounter has left me completely ruined for anything less than ALL of God.

    Then for certain, He deserves ALL of me.

    I am not called to be a just a Sunday morning, Christian.

    Or a Wednesday Night & Sunday Morning, Christian.

    Or a study the word in the morning, Christian.

    Or a prayer into the night while I am alone, Christian.

    Or an evangelical relying upon an orchestrated event to reach out, Christian.

    I don’t expect God to come rock me with His Spirit in the prayer meetings or the worship events I squeeze into my schedule.

    I expect Him to break in to my EVERYDAY, NORMAL, BORING LIFE and take my mess, my sinful weak frame, my imperfect words, my weak Love and just show up and take over.

    I choose to follow through with His stirrings and refuse to sit into a molded frame of what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

    His love never ends. He never turns it off. Not even when we neglect Him.

    So why should I schedule God into my life. Or allow the Holy Spirit to intervene like I was turning on a light switch?

    He Has my heart and to Him alone, I give it all!