Mission: Finally getting baptized and I am so excited to visit International House of Prayer in Kansas City.

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When I first started walking with Christ, many years ago, I just didnt quite get the idea of baptism.

(actually, I didn’t really know what I was getting into…or any idea about anything for that matter…but that would fill a novel.. so today I will just explain how I was deceived by the concept of baptism..)

I thought, I was baptized at birth so that’s all I needed. Right?

I asked Jesus into my heart.  Check.

I was forgiven of all sin.  Check

So why did I need to be baptized for all the world to see?

Why do it as an adult?  Just for public display?

So everyone at Church would know I love Jesus– psssh.  I knew what I knew, why did I have to put on a production?

I scoffed at new believers getting baptized at Church just so everyone could see their “dedication.”  Not only were they putting on a show and still living in all of their sin,  but they had no idea what they were doing and why they were being baptized. ( I am generalizing here but this is what I believed at that time)

Neither did I for that matter…

I read and believed the word that I was already a new creation.

So the scripture: “Therefore we were buried with him through baptism into death, that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.” (Romans 6:4) really confused me that baptism was important for this newness that I already thought I had…

Diving deeper to understand, I found in Greek, “baptizo” means “to immerse, cause to be dipped, to submerge, to overwhelm”. To baptise something in water means to put it under the water. Therefore in the Biblical sense, to baptise a person in water literally means to put that person wholly under the water. Water baptism for the Christian symbolises and appropriates our death, burial and resurrection with Christ. It means identification with Christ.

I let lots of things die… or so I thought.. My control, my addictions, most of my insecurities, my anxiety and my sexual sin.  But I find that though many things have died — I need a complete death and a complete newness.

I began to feel that just peices of me wasn’t good enough.

I want His whole heart, and He deserves my whole heart in return.

God showed me that I was still a bit prideful about the whole display or production ideal that I believed– that Christian baptism is a dedication to follow the Lord Jesus Christ and to be His disciple. (Mathew 28.19). To be baptized you must do something practical. You must humble yourself. In Christian baptism you must identify yourself with Jesus Christ. As He dedicated himself “thus to fulfill all righteousness” (Matthew 3:15) so must you when you are baptized in water.

You make a covenant with God to submit yourself to obey the Spirit of God to the point of death, dying to the deeds and lusts of the body and all that is old, to let the past be buried and to rise up to live to fulfill all righteousness – not through your old life but in the new life given by God.

Where else would I decide to bury the old, rise anew and experience God on a new level..??

Kansas City, IHOP

no not pancakes.

IHOP=The International House of Prayer

You have to check this place it out.  They have live streaming and amazing 24/7  prayer room you can go to.

Its my Church, my place of worship, my time of intercessory prayer and I have only been there via online web stream.  Thank You Jesus for this technology.

I would ask that you pray for me and my friend Becca this weekend as we journey there.

For safe travels, refreshment of provision,  healing & deliverance and that we would be filled with greater measure. (and some prophesy would be cool too ;)

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than with a new revelation of freedom?

I am expecting to just get filled and rocked by the Holy Spirit and I am just so pumped!!!

Tune into the Awakening Service and look for us… you will possibly be able to watch me get baptized too.


Awakening Service  6pm-Midnight Central Time

July 2nd & 3rd!

Click Here To Watch Live!

If you are a follower of Christ and have yet to be water baptized, I pray that God would make it real to you, that He would reveal a deeper meaning and break any lies that clouds the way you feel about baptism.  I pray, that when you make the decision to do so, that you would know how special the covenant you are making really is.  Beloved, be ready to experience God on a new level.  Praying for a new revelation of His Glory for you and for me.

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