Mission: To Find God In Haiti.

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The Associated Press
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — A man pulled alive from a collapsed hotel managed to survive for 11 days by drinking cola and beer and eating cookies that he could reach from his small space.

“I wasn’t afraid because I knew they were searching and would come for me,” Wismond Exantus said Sunday while convalescing in a French field hospital tent.

The doctors said he would be OK after recovering from dehydration.

Exantus’ brother on Saturday was looking over the rubble pile of the Hotel Napoli, where Exantus worked as a cashier at a grocery store on the ground floor, when he heard a faint voice calling out. He ran for help and returned with an international team of rescuers, which after four hours’ work found Exantus wedged under concrete slabs.

Dozens of onlookers wearing masks against the stench of the city’s decaying bodies cheered when Exantus was carried out.

Exantus, 25, said he dove under a desk when the Haitian earthquake hit.

He lay on his back the entire time and survived by eating and drinking what was within reach.

“I would eat anything I found,” he said.

“It was God who was tucking me away in his arms. It gave me strength,” Exantus said.

Give Now.

The same God that provided protection and the means to live is the same God that wants to provide and protect YOU.  Will you let Him tuck you in His arms?

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