Mission: Laid off, now what? Finding My Way. Day 1.

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Mission: Laid off, now what? Finding My Way. Day 1.

John 14:27 (The Message)

25-27“I’m telling you these things while I’m still living with you. The Friend, the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send at my request, will make everything plain to you. He will remind you of all the things I have told you. I’m leaving you well and whole. That’s my parting gift to you. Peace. I don’t leave you the way you’re used to being left—feeling abandoned, bereft. So don’t be upset. Don’t be distraught.”

And that’s why I feel the way I do.

I am amazed with the concern and outpouring of support.

So many are saying, “Miss, how are you? are you ok?  I’m praying for you.”

And I respond, as transparent as I can be, with…

” I’m more than ok.  I’m actually at more peace now than I was before.  And you know what?.. I feel more filled with the joy of expectation of what’s to come– than I ever have felt before.  Because God is still God…and God is still good.  I am filled with hope–not fear”

Most are bewildered, think I’m full of it and continue to pry to make sure I’m really not losing it.  Losing my job isn’t the end of the world, for me, its the beginning of a new, better opportunity that I would have never had the courage to step out in.  All I needed was a great big push :)

I inherently feel so optimistic, not because I am filled with visions of unicorns and glitter in my head, but with the Truth that fills my spirit. What a great test of my true faith.  Testing not only what I know in my head…but what I feel in my heart. That I am really not in control and its ok.  I may go with out an income for a little while… but God will provide.


As I reflect over all that I have accomplished over the last year with my position at Skechers, I am amazed with my personal growth, confidence in my skills and my increased desire for complete, whole-life worship– I just can’t help to feel so blessed.  I am thankful for a great boss who allowed us room to fly and create and carry out our own visions in our territories  and a company who provided a lot of support and resources.


Though I may feel that this chapter may have ended a bit abruptly, business is business I guess, I do not feel bitter.  I will miss the team we created and the times we shared but this job was just a great little stepping stone for us all.  I pray God allows our paths to cross in the future!

This weekend I spent with family and the dearest friends anyone could ask for.  I spent time at a Church that feels more like home every time I attend.  I found hope in the jobs that I have found and excitement for what’s next.


God has given me a ticket and a vision.  He told me to pack my bags, because this next trip is going to be even more great!  He showed me in a dream, many cities, Kansas City, Vancouver BC, LA, Boston, Charlotte, Portland, Chicago and Columbus… each marked with opportunity and promise.  Where will I go next?  When? What will I do?  these are the questions I bring to the Lord with a peaceful and grateful heart.  Not those of  “Why did they choose me to lay off? Could I have seen this coming?  Could I have done something to prevent it?– what a waste to live in yesterday…


My next steps–are praying for clarity of passion and purpose.  —I love Marketing.  its true.  but, do I see myself on the field or behind the desk?  Building brands via social media or rep-ing another brand using other channels?  This vision is getting clearer as the hours pass by.  It’s a blessing to be muli-talented and multi-faceted– but can be troublesome when you need to narrow in on your own niche and what you desire to bring the playing field.  So this is where I lay my head with Jesus tonight.  I pray for clarity and direction and to see the gifts He has made for His glory–not mine.


Tomorrow is resume day.  I will be making at least 4 of them.  Remember,(if you are job seeking too) to custom  tailor your resume for your desired position– generic is no bueno.

Time to market my marketing skillllls <3

Love you all and I thank you for your support, concern and love.  Tomorrow, which is my Birthday, is a celebration of who I have become in these last 27.. uhem..28 years.  It’s easy to look at all of things I don’t have yet… a husband, some little childrens, a JOB, a personal jet… ya know :)

But really, what I do have is all that I need….

Gods grace, provision and peace.

Jesus’s sacrifice and my salvation.

The Holy Spirit’s daily guidance.

My loving parents andgreat family.

Tremendously amazing, generous, loyal and supportive friends.

I couldn’t ask for more <3


I will keep you up to date along my journey for the next J.o.B.

My series of blog posts will be called “Laid off, Now what?”

God Bless you today and always on your life’s journey….









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  1. Oh Missy — I have tears in my eyes. Can this be the same little girl who used to sit at Mom(Grandma’s) table and create, paint, color, etc; telling me, “Pammie, you color too !!!” You definitely have so many talents; I pray the right door opens for you which will allow you to grow in them ! I still believe you can be an inspirational writer…motivational speaker or anything God leads you to do ! I love you so much; and have always been proud to be called “Aunt Pammie”!