Mission: Finding My Way: Day 3 “Website, Check!”

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Mission: Finding My Way: Day 3 “Website, Check!”

So, as you may know yesterday was my Birthday.  It was a blessing that I didn’t have to work!   My most favorite Birthdays are the days when I have the whole day to do as I please and do not have to be on anyone else’s agenda!  That is true luxury this day and age!


I did lots of things that bring me joy!

Slept in until 9am.  Bake some yummy Protein Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie Bars.  Took the longest shower possible.  Did some job  searching, bill paying and resume making. Got caught up on laundry and stayed in my bathrobe until 3pm.  Made some tutu’s and flower headbands for little baby Miah who is almost a week old!! (I will post the pics in my etsy boutique) I ran outside in the coldy snowy weather…. 8.25 miles!! Yea! Was overwhelmed with Facebook, Daily Mile, Voicemail singing and text love.  Came home and my roommates made a yummy vegetarian pasta dinner and we relaxed with wine and laughs and chocolate.. oh my!!.  Read a new book, Veganist by Kathy Freston. (its great!!  you should def look into it! )  What a perfect way to spend a birthday.  What are your favorite ways to spend your day o’ birth?? <3

(even my polar heart rate monitor gave me a shout out on my birthday!!)







how cool is that??


Back to business today! I am all signed up for unemployment… even though I hope I will not need it, I made sure to get the ball rolling early on.  You can never be to safe :) My Shape Up mobile was picked up today and my storage unit will be cleaned out tomorrow. If I knew it would be this easy to separate from this position, I may have done this over the Holidays… oh well :)


I also made this today….

My Online Resume is alive!!!
I think I like it– its clean and professional…
if only I could find a way to properly display some of my personality… maybe a video intro perhaps? what do you think?


I have not built a site in over a year or so… but it was like riding a bike!! It all came back to me!!

here is a direct link…

feel free to pass it along to every recruiter you know hahah!


Hope you are having as great as a day as I am having!!

Hugs and High Fives for all you have accomplished today!!


M <3

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