Mission: God, is praying enough? When should I speak up?

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Mission:  God, is praying enough?  When should I speak up?


I pass a lot of people from day to day.

In malls.  In my hotels.  Driving down the freeway.  In line at the coffee shop.  Working in a store.

And.. sometimes.. the Lord places spotlight,

a heavy brick on my heart

and tears in my eyes to lift a certain person in prayer that I pass.

For example:

1.  I was in a Lady Foot Locker and a man came in wheeling an oxygen machine and belt that held some sort of mechanical contraption.  He wanted the T-shirt that read “Every Damn Day”  by nike.  this is what it looks like.nike tee

He has lost 100 lbs and is waiting for a heart transplant.  the contraption on his waist IS HIS HEART as his is not working any longer.   He wanted this shirt in his size because when he wakes up in the morning this is motto.  He keeps moving, keeps living , “Every Damn Day”.

and the Lord made me want to fall and weep at this very moment, in the middle of this store while talking to one of my managers…

I began praying for him and followed him around the mall for a bit as my eyes welled up and I fought back tears and I asked the Lord to heal his physical heart and his spiritual heart.  I wanted him to know what it felt like to live “Every Awesome Day” not every damn day no matter what his circumstances.  I cried when I got to my car.  And 2 days later I am still praying for his physical health, for a new heart for this man and a revelation who his True Healer is.  But did I miss a moment to witness?  To lay hands on him?  To help set him free?

2.  I just left the hotel bar.  5 minutes ago.  I was enjoying a late night dinner snack– b/c that was all that was open at this hour (11pm).  next to me was a Swedish-American woman– about 37ish and an ok looking younger guy 34ish.  She is married i hear from down the bar and he is very in love with his girlfriend of 1 year.  She reads his palm, and says he will have a long love life and make great money.  He coyishly asks about his “sex line”  and the communication between them quickly changes to an increased sexual desire for one another.  Another drink later they are flirting so much its making me uncomfortable, my face must be red, I can feel my cheeks radiating.  She invites him to go on a trip with her, Ireland she says… or maybe “back home” to Sweden and he says it would not be so kosher with their significant others –for they would not be going, they would have a fit.  But maybe they could meet up next time he is in town, and “see where it goes from there?”  As their drinking has progressed so has their attraction for each other.  I can sense thier body language from the corner of my eye.  I am feeling sick.   He grabs her hand and they talk about her ring.  And she shyly describes how she couldnt leave her husband because she just couldnt go to sleep at night not being held.  Another drink and they are hugging and stroking each other and thier laughing has turned into whispers.  And he says how he could never be married.  And they leave together for a smoke and I run to my room –nauseous that adultery could happen right in front of me and i couldn’t stop them….and cry for them and the people they may hurt.  And I cry for the nation and the millions of others that are making a terrible decision at this very same moment. Choosing sin over holiness.  For how empty they must feel and what they “think” they are fulfilling by this disgusting game.  So I pray for them that the Lord fills them and meets all the desires of their heart– not their flesh.  My heart is breaking as I see how broken, lonely and sad they must feel on the inside.  Is praying enough?  Should I have spoke up?  Should I have entered their conversation and helped them see the Light?

3.  I could have many more stories as examples…I just need to go to bed for now… there is at least one new story a day– and anothor stranger to lift in prayer…

As I understand more that I am being called to a life of prayer for others– I find myself wondering.. Is prayer enough?  Lord, You have given me this burden for others and I gladly bring them to you– but I feel like it isn’t enough– make my faith bigger God.

Its so hard to hear Your voice.  Should I do more?

Should I grab these people by their ears and grip them by their hearts?  Share with them the good news that they can be FULL and FREE and HEALED in the name of Jesus?

Am I doing enough God?  You hear my cry for them Lord– I am standing in the gap for them when they can’t stand for themselves.  God–my heart is breaking for YOUR broken people, for my brothers and sisters, am I doing enough God? What more can I do for you?  Give me the confidence Lord that you hear my prayers and give me the boldness and discernment to speak when I need to.

When is prayer enough? I feel so helpless sometimes God.

When do I need to speak out with Your Truth?

Help me to know this Lord.  Help others to have the burden in their hearts to pray for strangers, or their relatives or distant friends– Give us all courage and increase our Faith in the name of Jesus.

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  1. Thank you for this post. I have been in a mode of prayer for about two weeks now. Not that I don’t pray but sometimes feel the drawing to be in deep prayer for those around me. I have prayed much today and this was my thought. Is prayer enough? so I googled it, I know your heart I experience the same. I must continue to believe if Prayer is where he is calling us then this is what must be done. So thankful to know and meet others who have such a passion for prayer. Be blessed..

  2. “Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart . . . in the morning, having risen a long while before daylight, He went out and departed to a solitary place; and there He prayed” (Luke 18:1 and Mark 1:35).”

    The world and Satan tempt us to believe that we must DO more or BE more. When we know in our hearts that it is not by works we are saved but by His grace. If prayer is where He calls us to,
    than prayer is where He will find me–and i find Him ;)

    Blessings to you Alethia!