Mission: Goodbye Facebook. Taking a break from Social Media and TV. A fast. A focus.

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Goodbye Facebook.

So long Twitter.

I was convicted that I was spending more time on social media than with my Father.
Concerned with others updates/lives than the souls of the lost, I quit contending for.

That the intimacy with the lover of my soul was fading.
My passion for prayer was weakening.
My heart stopped breaking.
Weeping for my family and friends dried up.
And  I stopped being anguished and only concerned for the lost.
Selfish of my time.  Focused on my plans.  Passionless.

He is calling me into place of pure focus, complete brokenness and unadulterated repentance.

Joy is coming -break my heart again Lord.

As I spend time seeking His heart and away from the frenzy of  filthy TV shows, Facebook mindlessness and time wasting twitter— ask yourself this..

How many hours a week do you spend on facebook + twitter+ watching TV?

How many hours do you spend quiet and alone with God in prayer? in worship? in learning?

If your heart feels conviction, check out this sermon=http://su.pr/2XijAU and allow God speak to you through this.

I will come back.

When the Lord says so.

And I will share what God shares with me during my fast.

I would sign off with “Be blessed”  but I would rather wish you to “Be focused”

Be focused on what matters, on what is important and what is urgent.  And Who matters, Who is important and Who’s mission is urgent.  Stay focused on seeking His heart and His Glory.  He wants to share His burdens and His joys with you.

Will you focus on the desires of your heart?  Or His?

Be focused.

Melissa <3

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