Mission: Learning how to run… all over again!

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Its amazing what a little bit of education and research can do to your opinion on things.  The light bulb has turned on and my eyes are totally opened!!!!

What I have been learning about, coined in the tech running space as “natural running” or “barefoot running” has totally opened my eyes to the deception that goes unnoticed by millions of people.

What if I told you your thick soled, “cushioned” “supportive” athletic shoes were the reason your running gait is jacked up.  Thats because your running gait is jacked, so is the musculature involved in the bio-mechanics of your bodys running movement.  And because of that, you are more than likely to be injured and the more inefficient you are whilst running.

Running shoe companies, while i will not mention any names… ( but you know who I am referencing)  has been making shoes for years that sell and post and try to put a brace on the problem of your stinky gait issues.  Someone said once, “would you run with a neck brace on?”  prob not!!  So why would you put on clunky bracing, heavily posted shoes to run in?  They make a tone of money selling shoes that aesthetically appeal to sales but never really help a person walk or run they were intended.

Running doesn’t hurt the body.  Running improperly does.

Would you like to learn more about this?

Learn about footwear that will help you get off of your heels, cure your over-pronation and achieve a more natural barefoot running gait?

Want to learn how to reduce shin splints, runners knee and other injuries your current athletic shoes are doing nothing to heal or prevent?

Pain free running.  I’m down with that.  Running easier. Oh yea.  So the Transformation begins.

Well stay tuned and share in the conversation of natural running and i will share my jouney of taking a 27 year old, heel striking, over-pronating, weak toe-off with runners knees  and transform into a mid foot striking, more natural like barefoot running gait.

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