Mission: Preparing for the New Year <3

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Mission:  Preparing for the New Year

Just put away the groceries and finishing up some last minute tidying before friends come over tomorrow night and bring in 2011!


Just as everyone may be doing, its great to take a moment to reflect on the past year and look forward to the next.

2010 was probably the most amazing year yet.

The highlights:


new job

increased income

new friends

better relationships

better physical health

and the best part—  learning to trust the Lord and falling in Love with Him more and more.


This year was about TRUST, HUNGER & HEALING.

Remember the game “trust”?

It was an ice breaker we used to play.  You would stand with your back to someone, cross your arms, and fall backwards, hoping they would catch you so you wouldn’t hit the ground.


This is the picture of how I fell into the arms of Gods grace this year.

With total abandonment, without fear and full of hope.


Last New Years Eve I was alone.  Reflecting on a horrible-ish 2009.  I went to bed at 8pm.  Blew off friends and family and just wanted to be alone.  I wasn’t feeling awesome.  God was stirring  something up in me.  Some junk He wanted to clear out to make room for more of Him.  I had stumbled upon the International House of Prayer’s conference, One Thing, and had been streaming it for a few days– and finished watching that night.  I watched God encountering the lives of people attending the conference. God just spoke to me about a lot of things and so began my transformation of 2010, asking God to encounter my life in a new, intimate way.


I just let go and focused on honoring God and worshiping Him with everything I had.  God began to amaze me with his provision.  He provided so many things, earthly and spiritually and more than met my needs.


The Lord gave me a supernatural increase of finances,  freedom, love, peace and joy.

I was finally baptized this year, in water and in the Spirit.  Amazing Death for an Amazing Life.

While I visited the International House of Prayer this summer, my friend Becca laid hands on me and through her, God healed me physically– I had been having a terrible last few months with Acid Reflux, had to change my diet, it was terrible.  That night after we left, I had a chili cheese coney dog with onions and pickle and went to bed.  (just to test God hehe)  and i felt no sickness no signs of acid reflux… healed in Jesus name.  He healed my vision.  not my 20/20 vision, but the image of who I was in Him, how I saw myself. His beloved.

He created a hunger for more of His presence, more of His Truth and more worship.  I am so grateful I get to spend hours a day in car with my new job, singing and praising God everyday.  I wake up each day with an excitement of “what will we do together today God?” Also given me a revelation of my calling, my role in the ministry and who I am in Christ.  Wow.  What an amazing year.


Looking forward  to 2011.

I can sense this year or this season will be marked and encompassed with just on word:


Filled with more of Him

Focused on His Truth

Praising His Holy name

Loving His people with passion and fervor

Passionate fasting and prayer

Fire to Fight this Invisible War

Increasing tithing with boldness

Reliance on the Holy Spirit

on Fire.

I can feel Him burning His desires into my heart.

“The fire must be kept burning on the altar continuously; it must not go out. (Leviticus 6:13)”

I’m ready to burn in 2011.


Happy new year to you!





What is your theme for 2011?

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1 Comment

  1. wow..amazing my dear… you continue to amaze me in your powerful words and wisdom and your continued resilience to live by the Lord… im so overjoyed that you not only live by Him that you also minister to others too….. you are my inspiration.. and i love you more than words can say..
    love your
    momma… xoxox