Mission: Understand Forgiveness

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On a mission today…

Ever thought you were over something?  or what someone did or did not do for/to you?  Well, I thought I had forgiven it– but something brought the situation back to a head and I am just laying it completely before the Lord… again…

This is a great article I found that gave me some insight… thought it may help you today!~

Forgiving others often starts as a decision of surrender-an act of our will. This surrender invites God to begin working in our lives in a deeper level, allowing God to heal us. We can ask God to enlighten us with the understanding that we need to fully forgive from our hearts. We simply need to make the choice to be open to forgiveness and reconciliation.

Remember, forgiveness does not justify the deed or the person, it does not provide God’s forgiveness for their actions, because only God can do that. While nothing can undo the past, we can do something about the condition of our own present and future. Forgiving others makes a way for our own healing to begin.

We have a divine example for forgiving others! God knew that man needed forgiveness, so He sent His Son Jesus to deliver all of mankind from the eternal consequences of their sins (1 John 4:9-10). Colossians 3:13 says, “Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.” Jesus not only had the power to forgive, but to grant us the ability to forgive others just as we have been forgiven.

–Quoted from All About God.com

So now what?

Now that you are reconciled with God and your heart is healing, does God call us to reconcile with the accuser/oppressor/situation?

Where in the word does it say what we do for our brother or sister that has inflicted pain or wrong-doings?

Is it enough that we mend our hearts with the grace of God without having to orchestrate a “meeting”  of forgiveness, or have certain words be said?

Or can we rely on the grace that was provided for today and to have confidence/peace to cross that bridge when it comes?  That when the day comes to cross the path of the one we have forgiven, that we are so full of Christs love, His understanding, our healed heart and our forgiven soul that the only thing present is the beacon of Christs love that will penetrate that situation.  Showing the other person what forgivness looks like through the eyes of Christ.

What do you think?

Does God call us to make amends with the those who we must forgive?  Or to make amends with Him only?

Give me your feedback brothers & sisters!

Resting In Him,


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