Mission: Vacation and Restoration. Time with the Lord. Pt 1.

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Mission: Vacation and Restoration.  Time with the Lord. Pt 1.

Ahhh Vacation.

Time away.

Away from the noisiness of everyday life…the interruptions, distractions, day-to-day stress and a time for true relaxation.

As you may know, I have a hard time relaxing.  But as soon as pull down that tree covered highway, see the glistening sun shining off of the lake, I begin to allow the peace wash away worries and true restoration begins.

I’m so blessed by this place, a small lake in Michigan with a quaint and cozy cottage, equipped with a ton of charm and memories to fill a lifetime.  This place is owned by my good friend Jessica’s family.  Ever since college, we have been coming up here to enjoy the scenery, enjoy time together and really unwind.

This place has served as a refuge for us to gain perspective and really take a look into our lives.  There is just something about this place that allows you to see things in a whole new way.

sunset on vacay

sunset on vacay

This picture is what I am looking at as I write.  Right where my friend Jess and her lovely boyfriend are standing, I can remember many mornings I sat in that very same place.  I sat there and prayed for guidance, clarity and direction.  It’s astounding to look back I see how much I crave this type of peace in my everyday life.  I crave to begin each day in prayer and true fascination with God’s creation and wonder.  I crave to end each day, watching the sun fade into the horizon, count my blessings and rejoice of a new day coming.

For this one week out of the year, every fall, I feel submerged in gratitude and peace.  Yet even after all these years, why have I not been able to bottle this up and have it fill my life?

I think, if I could be honest with myself, and very vulnerable to you, I believe that THIS is one of my biggest sins I currently struggle with.  I am talking about of course, the sin of placing others or things before God.  How is it possible to have a heart so on fire to serve the Lord yet allow my job  to control my daily actions?

My days do not at all parallel to what it is like here.  Normally, I wake up finally on the 2nd snooze.  Okay, the 3rd snooze, and rush to shower.  I am out the door with no breakfast and starved with missing my mornings with God.  I begin the day drowning in emails, problems, irritations and others problems.  I get so busy fixing things that by 2 or 3 pm I finally notice that I am physically starved and grab something really quick.  Late afternoon I am distracted by personal struggles and lose focus.  I begin a project by 5 or 6 pm and decide to hang it up for the night around 9 or 10.  I go home, eat something quick, brush my teeth, take some sleepy vitamins and crash.  I wake up about 15 times a night, and then as the sunrises, and the alarm starts to tick me off,  I do it all over again.

No wonder I feel drained!  No wonder I lose my focus…

But IF I just stayed to true to doing exactly what I know fills me up and brings me peace each and everyday, I would allow my job or others come before my relationship with the Lord.  TIME is certainly the most valuable thing on this Earth.  So why do I not give my treasure to the One that matters most.

As I watch the sun go down tonight, I meditate on the reasons WHY I allow this sin into my life.  I am praying for you and me this evening.  Allow God to pour into our hearts.  To take the blinders off and allow us to see exactly what is that we need to see so that we are blessed by His presence, His purpose, His Plan and of His peace.  Not only when we are secluded from the crazy world, on vacation or wherever,  but when we are in the midst of stressful loud days.

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