Religion makes me want to puke in my mouth….

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I recently read the book “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan.  It was a great book and he is a totally anointed writer.  Even though I have passed the book on to a friend, I can stop reveling in the small, powerful nuggets that the book contains.  I find myself using these nuggets as tweets and facebook posts to open the eyes of the world and bring life to the hearts that are cold.

Last night, someone asked me to look into Pastor Mark Driscoll at the Mars Hill Church Ballard campus in Seattle, Washington.  So naturally, and intrigued to consume more….I ordered some books and found his youtube channel.

His gritty messages are definitely what this broken world needs, actually what this broken Church needs.  The message of religion and legalism has been increasingly getting louder in the Christian-dom… but are we listening?

In this stirring video below, allow Mark to open your eyes about the message of Religious People found in Luke.

I encourage you to watch and sit in this message. Allow God to speak to you.
Are you a role model that exudes “this is what a relationship with Christ looks like to live out?” or are you a Christian by default of checking a “Religion” box and just memorizing all the rules.

We need a realness. We need Truth.
Make sure you stay tuned in around minutes 12:00 and on too. Mark explains how Biblical principles are digested into Religious Principles… He’ll show you when you need to get off the bus :)

A great song:
“All religion ever made of me /Was just a sinner with a stone tied to my feet /It never set me free /It’s gotta be More like falling in love…” ♫ – Jason Gray

<3 to you my friends.

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