Review on Skechers Resistance Runners SRR

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Review on Skechers Resistance Runners SRR

Of course I could write until my fingers hurt about how much I love the Skechers Resistance Runners. How great they are for my arthritic old lady knees and how they kick my butt and are getting me in shape faster.

But, as you know, I worked for Skechers and you may think I am way too biased to appreciate my review.

So here is one that just came in to one of our reps in NC, Matthew Pitts.

Dear Skechers,

I wanted to pass along to you my experience with the Skechers Resistance Runner.  First a little background.  I’m 54 years old and I’ve been exercising for 40 of those years in one form or another.  When I was 18 I started running for fitness.  Early on I didn’t have any joint issues but in my twenties, I did something to my right knee causing me to tear my meniscus.  I’ve been to orthopedic doctors who recommended surgery to correct it but I didn’t want to do that so I struggled with natural relief and pretty much gave up on long runs.  Anytime I did any kind of ruining, I would end up limping around for a week trying to keep the swelling down on my knee.  So I figured I’d resort to bike riding and other non-impact aerobics to keep my knee in check.  This went on for years and then I heard about the resistance runner from Sketchers.

The technology behind the shoe seemed like it might actually allow me to run without stressing my knee so I wanted to check them out.  I met Matthew Pitts, a Skechers Pro Staff Rep, at a shoe warehouse in North Carolina where he further explained the specifications and the science behind the shoe and I was sold on it.  I bought a pair and started my journey easing my way into running again.  As a side note, my wife and daughter both bought Skechers Shape-Ups and love them!

I started slowly, wanting to ease back into the swing of things starting with brisk walks and introducing small runs along the way.  They weren’t much but enough to know if I would have problems again.  Gradually increasing the amount of running I noticed something I had not felt in years…no knee pain.  I worked my way up to running a full 5K and still no knee pain!  Currently, I am doing 5 miles a day walking and running and today I am up to running 4.5 of those 5 miles and still no knee pain!  I can’t tell you how good that makes me feel and I owe it all to the technology behind the SRR.  One aspect of that technology that I believe is helping me is the step correction.  I tend to be a ‘bow-legged’ runner because after a while, my shoes will wear down on the outer areas of the heel.  That running posture puts increased pressure on the inside of my knees, where I typically have pain.  With the SRR, it forces me to straighten up my step, which is why I think I don’t have pain.  In addition to that, the cushioning is superb providing the shock absorption I need because I run on asphalt most of the time.

Thank you so much for creating the Sketchers Resistance Runner.  I feel like they’ve given me a new lease on life!

Steve Guilmette

There is a video coming soon ;)

Let me know if you have any questions on how the SRR could help you get MORE out of running!

Keep Moving!
<3 Melissa

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  1. hi,
    i have just a few querries, how long will it take to lose weight by usuing sketchers srr and whi is it that each time i use sketchers i run one round less as it tires me fast? i feel i gain moe weight by using sketchers shoe? is it psychological or some way of wrong using of the shoes?
    please reply to my mail personaaly tq