Running my first half marathon… just a few days away and…

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Running my first half marathon… just a few days away and…

I am nervous!

It’s so crazy! I have been training for a while now.

But not training at 100%. My body has been tired and I have been going through such a crazy time in my life. I was laid off from my job on April 1 and I have been spending day in and day out seeking jobs and applying. As each day passes, and I still have not found my next career adventure, I have to check in… and really say it out loud until my heart believes it…”I trust You God.”… force myself to let go of the control… but I still have a hard time staying focused on training.

The focus on getting a new FT marketing gig, somewhere in this country, is wearing on my energy. There is battle of discouragement and hope that throw punches from day-to-day. So, even though its an excuse, I really have not put 100% in training focus.

So now, with the race days away. I am freaking a bit. Not freaking out that I can’t complete it…Just annoyed that I may have to settle for another goal.

I had a goal of finishing in 2:10 for my first half… and now I feel like because I didn’t prepare well enough and my body doesn’t feel strong enough… that I have to be ok with finishing in at least 2:40.


Do you find that you do that in your life?

That you set a goal.  Even make a plan. A daily agenda for point A—to —B.  And life gets in the way…and you are not prepared well enough to hit your goal.. so you either give up…or…down grade your goal… ?


It can be so frustrating.

Why do we allow life to get in the way?  It is a choice.

Why do WE CHOOSE distraction?

I guess I should have been praying for focus all along.

But I was too caught up trying to control the chaos in my head.

Until now, I didn’t realize I was choosing distraction over focus on my goals.


Take a look at all you have set out to accomplish?  Do you feel unfocused? Distracted?

I urge you to pray for focus. I believe the enemy works in the distraction industry. Therefore, I also believe that God gives us focus, clarity, strength and vision.

Lord, let me focus on my goals. Let me not be distracted with things that You already have plan for, are already set in motion and are covered be your grace.  Place all my mind on my work, tasks and You.  Let my labors be in service and to worship You.  For You are the one I run for, the heart I chase after and the One worthy of all my praise. Keep my eye on what You focus on.  In Your Sons name I pray.




To Your Goals & His Glory,





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