my secret, simple key, to staying fit…

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my secret, simple key, to staying fit…

my secret, simple key, to staying fit, active and healthy…..

This is not magic….

Not a fluffy motivational mindset…

Not an inherent personality trait of strong will and determination…

Maintaining an active lifestyle is obviously a goal in my life.

I am sure it is a goal of yours too.

But what happens when life gets in the way? and you wake up, and you realize you haven’t used your gym membership in months… you have not ran or walked in weeks…and even thought its your desire to stay active, you just “fall off the wagon”…

I feel, the day I stop moving, is the day I give up and allow my body and mind to fall into the aging and dying process.  Regardless if you are active now, Why do you desire to stay active?

is it any of these benefits you want ? :

  • healthier– less visits to Dr
  • leaner– i love wearing a smaller size
  • confidence– i’m no supermodel but a swim suit will not be my enemy
  • less pain– managing my arthritis
  • sleep better– sleeping through the night
  • prevention– preventing family health risks (heart disease… etc)
  • desire to eat better– increase as I feel better about myself

Even though WE ALL want these benefits,….

there are always things that stand in our way of keeping active.

such as…

working too late.. . not having any energy…the “mothers-guilt” issues of taking time for yourself…poor time management skills, lack of motivation…

the excuses go on and on…( i know I have let some of them win in the past..)

So, what secret do I know…??

That keeps me on track?

……. that keeps me accountable, focused and on determined to staying fit and active?



community/social/buddies…what ever you call it, I can’t do it on my own.

really, it’s that simple for me.

I have to make it social.

Here are my suggestions to make this happen:

1. Workout with friends.  instead of meeting for lunch… meet up for a walk around a park.

2.  train together.  Buy personal training together (saves money) and have a weekly date with your personal trainer.

3. Compete/Complete together. Sign up for races & walks to do together.  If you can’t train together, you will surely be training on your own for  the event and keeping each other accountable.

These are things I do to keep an active lifestyle.  Yes, life gets in the way sometimes, but when you make it fun and social, the idea of:

“have to” workout….

becomes more like

“love to”….

and I would bet that is a place you would want to be tooo :)

Check out what my friends and I are dong next….


After the warrior dash... a great (active) day with friends...



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