Thanks for the Birthday wishes! I feel so loved! What a great year…

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Thanks for the Birthday wishes!  I feel so loved!  What a great year…


I have had to charge my phone 3 times today… all the notifications are smoking my  droid :)   Thankssss for the birthday lovins all!

I am not sure I will be able to thank every single one of you, but just know you touched my heart, and I am so thankful you took time out of your day wish me well!


Thanks so much for all the love today, AND over this past, challenging, year.

As I take a moment to reflect, last year on this day (you can read my birthday post from last year)  I was just 4 days past losing my job and trying to figure out how to rise above that mess.

Through last spring/summer– with your love, encouragement, prayerful support and God’s good grace I went from such a low time in my (career)  life to now being in such a great place– so blessed!


I am excited to the year ahead:

continue my Wellness career at UnitedHealthcare and helping people live healthier lives through improving company wellness culture and health benefits.

 to be moving to Grandview at the end of this month (living by myself for the first time ever… please come visit!!)

continue helping small businesses create an online presence through social media and content marketing

inspiring others to live healthier and fuller lives by adopting a vegetarian/veganish “diet.”

train for another 1/2 marathon

and continue to “… grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (II Peter 3:18)


I used to dislike that my birthday fell in April.   The spring weather in Ohio was always too unpredictable for fun in the sun outdoor celebrations.  I also did not like that is was always so close to Easter as well.  Now that I am older, and truly understand what Easter is all about…. I embrace it!

New Life!

New Beginnings!

I am loved,

my sins are forgiven and

I am free!

What a great, annual reminder!!


Thanks again for your kind wishes and warm thoughts!!




Now, as I have 365 until the big 3-0…I hope this year will be full of awesomeness and expectation rather than dread (as most do as they approach this #)  Cheers to adventure and joy and millions of  giggles!






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  1. very well said!!!! you have a bright future ahead of you my dear… and remember its only a number!! thats what i keep telling myself anyhow!!! you are very loved by many… cant wait to help you mold your new home into your very own!!!! love you so much!!!
    Mom… xoxoxox