‘Tis the Season for end of year countdowns… my top 11 of 2011…

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‘Tis the Season for end of year countdowns… my top 11 of 2011…

Everyone else is doing it…counting down the top moments, discoveries and highlights of the year.
I took a moment to reflect upon my top 11 of 2011– Even if no one ever reads this, it was still a great exercise to take a look back and gather gratitude for the moments that flew by so quickly.

You should try it!

Here it goes….

11. Weddings.

So many great memories!

From my best friend Jessica in Cabo, to watching my little brother get hitched– it was so special to be a part of them!








10. Favorite New Music (to me anyway)

I would like to award Florence and the Machine as my artist of the year.  I just love all of the instruments and her voice is exquisitely haunting.  I have no fancy trophies to present, just a virtual high-five.

Runners Up:

Family Force 5 was fun to meet at a concert this summer and since then I have been working out to their fun music.  They describe their genre as “rock with BBQ sauce”  and I dig it.  Those dudes are so silly.


9.  Favorite Social Activities:

I ran just 3 races this year– each were quite an adventure!

My goal for 2011 was to run my first half marathon– and I did it!  I ran the Cap City Half in May of this year.

I also ran 2 fun runs: Warrior Dash and Hell Run

By fun, I mean, jumping over fire, trudging through mud and hurling my body over crazy obstacles.  You have to try it before you croak– its so fun!!!

Here are some pics:












8.  My favorite YouTube videos of 2011:

Those cute little girls from the UK, rappin some Niki Minaj– so stinking cute!  They are so sweet and I just love everything Ellen did for them.


7. Favorite New Friends:

Biggest Loser Challenge Contestants

I had the pleasure of heading up a weight loss contest at Plain City Fitness and helping some great people take charge of their health.  I am so blessed by them and miss them so!  They had incredible results!    Their determination to change is inspiring!

Hope to teach more bootcamps in 2012!

New Clients

The great couple from Ignite Interactive and Karla from Banks Photography.


6.  Favorite Books

Tina Fey’s “Bossy Pants” was hysterical.  I had the pleasure of “reading” it while driving and having Tina read it to me.  She is a super Lib but I admire her for her honesty, humor and success as a woman. Read it!

I also enjoyed, Crazy Love by Francis Chan and Fearless by Max Lucado.


5.  Favorite Movie

Would be a documentary called Forks over Knives.  It changed the way I see the world, nutrition and disease.  So amazing– a must see!


4.  Favorite New Technology

Spotify!  It is so great– its like Pandora and iTunes all in one, and its super cheap to play on my mobile.  It syncs with iTunes, Facebook and creates a social experience around music.  It is awesome!

Best App:  Mint.  It syncs with all of my accounts and keeps my finances all aligned.  I can set budgets and always know where I am in real time!  You should get it!


3. Favorite New “Sport”

It’s not a sport, its just really hard.  If you call trying not to pass out or die  in a Hot Yoga class a sport– than I think this qualifys– I was an anti-Yogi for years becasue it was boring and the culture of it was wack–Me, being a sweaty, hard breathing, no pain no gain chic– I wanted to poke those green living freaks in their 3rd eye and throw flax seed in thier yoga hair– but I have been transformed in 2011– I am now one of them… ish…

I enjoy attending Hot Yoga classes and enjoy the challenge of the heat and pushing my body into extreme “isometric” positions — check out Tracey Gardner in Columbus or the Wellness Forum.


2. Favorite new foods…

va va vegan!

I took the plunge and feel great.  Jan 1 2012 marks 1 year as a vegetarian and in October of this year I took the plunge to try Vegan living.  Its challenging but I know the results will be worth it!  I will be excited to report on my changes in cholesterol and other biometrics in 2012!




1. Favorite Life Moment of 2011:

Getting Laid Off

Weird thing to be grateful for right? But I am completely I am serious…

It was such a humbling time with solitude and nothing but time to look deeply into what really matters in this life.  I truly was able to draw nearer to God, feel His presence in my life and then witness in His provision over my life.  It’s all good :)   Because He is a good good Father.


Cheers to the best year yet! Happy 2012!


Share your top moments or favorite things in 2011 below!



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  1. We love working with you too, Melissa! I’m sure we will again this year!