Need Help! Vegan Breakfast ideas…

Posted by on Oct 16, 2011 in Mission: Get Healthy | 1 comment

Need Help!  Vegan Breakfast ideas…

So, on my quest to fill my body with healthy, whole, animal free goodness.. I have came across a significant barrier… it is called:


Usually– I’m down for some Organic Peanut Butter and low sugar jelly on whole wheat bread with a diet mt dew to start my day…

How nutrituous can that be?  I am like a 5 year old gone wild, right?

SO.. what is a girl to eat when I awake?

I found this post: on TheKitchn

But the 10 they list seem definitely weird and not at all what I would like to eat in the morning.  I used to eat breakfast bars everyday– but I can get burnt out on those for sure.


I am going to do some messing in the kitchen and come up with some fast, vegan breakfast recipes for busy people like me who still have to desire to eat like a 5 year old but want the benefits of a vegan nutrition.

If you have ideas… recipes to try.. please list them below!  thanks!



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1 Comment

  1. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. It’s hard trying to eat vegan and be fast. Lately I’ve been eating a whole cantaloupe for breakfast.

    I also like to wolf down a brown rice protein shake and chasing it with an orange.

    I try to be raw most of the time but usually end up eating something cook.

    Good luck