When is it time to take a sabbatical from facebook?

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When is it time to take a sabbatical from facebook?

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Have you ever, or have friends that deactivated their facebook accounts?
Think they were melodramatic/crazy?

Well, I am now one them.

I love social media. It is how I make an income, teach others how to use it and profit from it and I am in awe of its sheer power to reach and engage people. So. from a business perspective, I could never leave it behind.

But using it for personal networking, I”m just feeling burnt out by it. Have you ever felt that way?

This season, more than any, makes me think about love and reflection. (specifically, God”s love for us, poured out through the birth of His son Jesus.. that”s another sermon..errr blog post..) Yet it is also the season for reflection and distraction. So much going on, its hard to keep everything straight. One thing I did notice, in the flurry of Holiday “to-do”s” is how much less joy I felt this season compared to years past. The missing intimacy from friendships and other relationships. And I blame it on myself, and my abuse/addiction of facebook. As you would probably agree, sometimes it easier to live life vicariously through social media, because its convenient, its at your terms, its through your own amplified filter, etc..

But have you ever wondered what you may be compromising? For instance, when catching up with a friend over a cup of coffee becomes obsolete, because now, you keep up with each others lives virtually through twitter, instagram, foursquare, facebook and blogger, you may not feel the desire to connect as frequently. I”m totally a casualty of this.

But maybe I”m just different–Maybe I crave a different type of intimacy than most, a desire to live life “with people” rather than watch it go by in some news feed.

Besides the desire to rekindle deeper, more meaningful relationships with others, I also find Facebook to be one of the biggest time-stealers of our generation. I use it to check out mentally, much like some of you use mindless reality tv to do the same thing. I check FB in the morning before I can even take the chance to thank God for a new day.  Sometimes I let it distract me from worship time, or quiet time with my Lord. Its been too easy, and I have been undisciplined. I desire a relationship with God that is undeserving of being luke-warm and so easily interrupted by the musings of this world.

So for these reasons, to bring back intimacy, real joy and real relationships with my friends, my family and my God, I”m taking a break.  Maybe for a few weeks, few months or longer– if you want to catch up, I will buy the coffee.

Love you friends.

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Have you ever felt a loss of realness, jealously, distraction or the sort from the overuse of facebook? What did you do about it? Share your experience below!

Alternatively if Facebook would die tomorrow, with no chance of resurrection. Where would that leave you?Would you have more time in your day? Would your priorities shift?  How many friendships would really survive the fall?  (Would you actually complete some of the pins you pinned away on Pinterest? jk.)

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